Hi, I'm Scott Murray

I am the Founder of Vibe Wellbeing.

I've been helping people of all ages & backgrounds move past their 'stuck points' whether in their body or life with ease, grace and balance for 25+ years.

Could I help you?

I Was Fortunate Enough to be a Stay at Home Dad...
It was the most beautiful and frustrating experience I've ever explored.  Many days I dreamed of going back to running multi-million dollar retail stores instead!

Parenting is not to be taken lightly.  You are responsible for shaping future leaders, encouraging future adventurers and  showing little ones how even the most tragic events (like a friend not inviting them over for a play date) can be turned into a positive experience.

Whilst doing this I launched Body Bliss Massage - my love of receiving/gifting Kahuna massage/energy healing grew into a fun hobby and then a business I've run for the past 15 years. Also a perfect avenue for talking with clients about their wellbeing and spiritual development.
My Guided Adventures...
...Started in my early years, we lived at the beach and I spent many hours solo exploring & connecting with the surrounding beach & bush.  

I pestered my parents to take me to the personal development courses they were attending, even though I was 'only' 12.

I've always had a strong sense of where I need to be exploring next.

I lost this sense in my Uni days and the pressures of work and starting a family.  Wondering aimlessly for many years...
When You Know That You Know...
I was well on my way through my healing journey and I received an email about an event titled 'Lemurian Choir' in Hawaii, I knew I had to go even though I knew nothing about Lemuria nor could I sing.

I went anyway.

From this point on, my healing capacities expanded exponentially and I began to trust my guidance again.  I was back to living intuitively.

Many rocky roads I travelled and now I have created a life with people, experiences and a few material things that make my heart sing!

I am here to help you do the same.
Here Is What Clients Say...
Julia Wilson
...The physical relaxation was one thing but the mental process was one I wasn't expecting. I found in just an hour, problems that had been bothering me formed into a core and left me. Thank you, Scott
Sam Barry
Since my session with Scott I feel I have more 'space' in my mind to not only deal with everyday life but also a few personal challenges that have been bothering me for a long time..
Scott you are amazing..! Thank you so much
Brian McInneray
I had the most amazing experience,  the best I have ever had and my body felt so good after. Scott is so tuned into your needs and your body's needs. Definitely will repeat this very soon. Thanks and good luck for the future.
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To Your Wellbeing,
Scott Murray
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