Those moments when we allow the thrill of living to overcome us...
Do you still have your childlike sense of adventure intact or has the seriousness of adult life crushed it into a collection of river stones?

Do you ever stop and wonder, when you stopped wondering what other possibilities for wandering where available for you... without the limitations and fears that many of us live with on a daily basis?

If you could choose any adventure, money is no object and you have a current passport, what would you choose? Take a moment and explore that possibility.

Why have you not chosen this already?

The sense of adventure, curiosity to explore the unknown or the willingness to spontaneously do something totally unlike anything you normally do, could be the next level of expansion and excitement your body and being is looking for. Would you deny yourself this little stretch, that could alter the trajectory of your life for ever?

Just before I created Vibe Wellbeing, I was invited to speak in an online community, no big deal for some. For me I was horrified at having to speak on video and present my views to an audience I didn't know, nor feel comfortable with.

Thankfully I took the bull by the horns so to speak and launched the series with a video titled: 'Celebrating Separation, Divorce and You' experience I had recently been through. The video was well received (and it's available within the members hub) with many viewers saying it was just what they needed to hear that day, and I received many compliments about how natural I was on video. So I chose to do more speaking. I sought out podcasts looking to interview people with my skills and that became easy too.

Normally I would choose to write instead of produce videos, now I think about what videos can I create instead!

Being comfortable with the uncomfortable has been a real adventure for me. It also has allowed me to expand and feel way better about speaking up and sharing my stories, apparently I am funny!

When was the last time you felt stretched out of your comfort zone, in a good way...?

Adventure doesn't have to be climbing a mountain or jumping out of a plane (but they are both exhilarating!) I found adventure in speaking my truth.

Where are you going to seek adventures?

Come inside the Vibe Wellbeing Members Hub and discover new ways of exploring adventure in your life and ways other members have done that could work for you.
How you can benefit from joining this community:

  • You receive private, one-on-one coaching* with Scott Murray, so you receive customised insights that suit your current situation
  • Receive instant access to digital guidance materials that cover different aspects of adventure seeking for greater wellbeing in the form of videos, PDF documents and audio files
  • You can harness the collective energy of the community to guide you on your way to expanding your vibration and enhancing your wellbeing
What makes this community different to other wellbeing communities?
Unlike other Wellbeing communities, you can be sure there are no trolls, and you don't have to wait weeks to get an answer. Scott really enjoys this community and is active in it daily.

With the constantly evolving energies available to us to upgrade our life, body and wellbeing, Scott attends conferences, events and personal meet ups world wide to share with you what he's learned. He also lives what he shares!

So if you'd like to get personal coaching* to enlighten your life, body and being so that you can have a more joyful body and life, then joining the Vibe Wellbeing community is definitely the best choice you can make today!

*Available only with the 'Nurture' Members Plan

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