Easing Out of Stress... Embracing Appreciation

Easing Out of Stress, Embracing Appreciation

Stress is simply your body's response to pressures from a situation or life event.

It's your body's response, not a lifestyle choice!

Could you simply obvious your bodies response, and choose to appreciate this response, appreciate the fact that you need to make a choice and also that 95% of the time, you have more than the next 10 seconds to do this.

This is the simplest way to keep stress as a simple stimuli, instead of letting it run your life.

Could you appreciate the days when you need there to be 3 of you to keep up with the 'demands' of family, business/work and whatever else. Is it possible you can see it unfolding like that and choose to embrace the easiest way forward for you.

Could you appreciate that the health of your body is your Number 1 priority...have you tried being stressed when you're dead? I've heard it's impossible!

Could you appreciate that you may not be pleasant to be around when you're stressed, so finding ways to ease out of it could be beneficial to your relationships, including the one with yourself.

What other changes could you embrace so that you could live more from a point of appreciation of what's coming/happening/occured, instead of in constant fight or flight mode?

If we look to nature as our guide, what do plants do when they are under stress ie.lacking water. They drop leaves.

What is it you could drop out of your life?
What if you could drop the crap and run in the other direction, instead of having to fix everything before you move forward?

What if this was your way of easing into a different reality?

Author: Scott Murray
Scott Murray is the founder of Vibe Wellbeing and helps nurture intuitive living for people looking for a way forward.

You can find out more about Scott Murray here: http://www.vibewellbeing.com/about

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