10 Days of Intuitive Living
I'm Feeling Intuitive...
Join me on this 10 day adventure to increase your capacity for intuitive living, where I guide you to enhance your intuitive capacity (and show you how you may already be using it, but don't know it!)
27 Mar 2022
Boundaries are an essential part of any healthy relationship whether they be intimate, friendship, social or business. Often times the best thing you can say to another is 'No', coming from someone who spent most of his life being a 'yes man'.
18 Mar 2022
Gives you no time for: Regret I Miss you's, Fear, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Stress, Boredom,
11 Mar 2022
Have you been experiencing/seeing/feeling things you never thought you would have in your lifetime lately? All of these things are held in place with our beliefs. Half of a beLIEf is a lie... ponder that..
4 Mar 2022
What have you done to raise your vibration lately? Immersed yourself in the vibration of nature... The soft lull of gentle waves on the sandy shore... The pita-pata of gentle rain on palm fronds in a rainforest...
25 Feb 2022
Sit with that for a moment.🌴 Could you go a whole year, 12 months, 365 days… of loving you? Loving every part of you… unconditionally. Without judgement.
18 Feb 2022
What are you willing to choose for your self? If you're choosing self love and love for others (not the romantic loooove though!) your day will have ease, flow, abundance and synchronicity... with no attachments...
11 Feb 2022
B&W gives you limited choices, stuck in 3D and old energy/ways of being... Colour allows you the gift of many choices and expanding with the 5th dimensional energy. Awareness of your multi-dimensionality and all of your capacities that come with that.
4 Feb 2022
Sometimes the fastest way forward is to wait peacefully In stillness for divine timing is not always human timing. Once I asked for a totally different relationship in a particular area of my life...
28 Jan 2022
Vulnerability is a feeling that you as humans will become more acquainted with. In your daily lives you often cover up your vulnerability as this often shows your innermost feelings.
1 Jan 2022
Are you wildly creating re-solutions or calmly inviting revolutions? What’s easiest for you? Attempting to, once again, change old ways of being or simply dropping things/people/habits that no longer suit your vibration?
31 Oct 2021
Feeling stumped with all the change that’s happening in your world and not sure how to move forward? Follow the subtle energies. The persistent messages from that soft voice.
1 Oct 2021
Stillness. The blissful {relative} quietness of the bush allows you to discern what is true for you.
30 Sep 2021
If you’re sick of the division… Multiply your inclusivity, Multiply your contributions to community, Multiply your love for yourself... it becomes a beacon of hope for others
25 Sep 2021
No questions in the heart...No answers in the head. This quote is one of the greatest gifts one of my early spiritual guides shared with me.
20 Sep 2021
Healing hatred with forgiveness. What if ‘difference’ was a cause for celebration instead of hatted? Could you look into someone’s eyes, who you supposedly hate (or have been programmed to) and offer them forgiveness?
19 Sep 2021
When you grow beyond past relationships… Their actions, words and past annoyances become like water in a river.
16 Sep 2021
If you knew today was your last day on the planet, what would you choose differently? What kindness would you show yourself and others? What compassionate action would you take?
15 Sep 2021
Kindness Long after this blip in humanity’s radar has faded, your ability to display kindness to yourself and others will be remembered.
14 Sep 2021
Love is blind’ ‘Blind faith’ Are you still running theses old programs? Old energy programs that… well… aren’t congruent with the vibrant new energies available to us all today.
7 Sep 2021
A peaceful world. While it may seem impossible with the current situation occurring, this too shall pass. What if by you choosing to be peaceful each moment, each day, you shone the light of peace for others to see.
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10 Days of Intuitive Living
Join me on the 10 day adventure to increase your capacity for intuitive living.
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