I appreciate all of the awareness life is bringing me...
How do you express gratitude or acknowledge your appreciation?

For some it's a heartfelt 'Thank you' with a loving eye gaze moment, others may see gratitude/appreciation quite differently and may feel that  they have to 'do' something to acknowledge their gratitude/appreciation.

When my children where young, we used to go around the dinner table and each express what we were grateful for that day. Some nights I would even 'challenge' them to come up with something they were grateful for about the other members of our family.

Feeling gratitude/appreciation takes you to your heart centre and this is the place that you feel spirit, you feel the softness, the gentleness and the nurturing of what is available to you.

Having a daily gratitude/appreciation practise allows you to focus your energy on creating and receiving more of what you would love in your life. Being grateful for everything in your life, even the so called negative events, helps when you know that on some level you have chosen them for the understanding or awareness that you require for that particular moment.

Could including a daily gratitude/appreciation practise expand your life?

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