Is it simply a matter of choosing to heal?
Each of us has the capacity to heal...

I believe, any condition within your body. Not everybody has the desire to heal though. For some, unwellness has it's payoffs!

I'm guessing if you're here, you're one of the ones who wishes to amplify your healing capacities.

I use this healing mantra whenever my body is not feeling how I wish it to:

"Cells... I love you, I love myself and I feel gratitude that I can ask you to change what is happening in my body right now. Please cells change what is required to be changed so that my body can feel ease now.

Thank you for your help."

What if you were to speak to your cells with love and gratitude each time you have a condition in your body that you do not enjoy?

Use this with intent next time you have a bodily condition that you do not want to continue. Take some quiet time for yourself and see how you can feel differently.

Will expanding your healing capacity allow you to create more ease in your body and life?

Come inside the Vibe Wellbeing Members Hub and discover new ways of exploring healing in your life and ways other members have done that could work for you.
How you can benefit from joining this community:

  • You receive private, one-on-one coaching* with Scott Murray, so you receive customised insights that suit your current situation
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  • You can harness the collective energy of the community to guide you on your way to expanding your vibration and enhancing your wellbeing
What makes this community different to other wellbeing communities?
Unlike other Wellbeing communities, you can be sure there are no trolls, and you don't have to wait weeks to get an answer. Scott really enjoys this community and is active in it daily.

With the constantly evolving energies available to us to upgrade our life, body and wellbeing, Scott attends conferences, events and personal meet ups world wide to share with you what he's learned. He also lives what he shares!

So if you'd like to get personal coaching* to enlighten your life, body and being so that you can have a more joyful body and life, then joining the Vibe Wellbeing community is definitely the best choice you can make today!

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