Acceptance and Allowance

Acceptance and Allowance as a way of Moving Forward 
Sometimes in life we need to move from a space of 'trying' to a space of 'acceptance'.

When we have 'tried' to bring about an outcome, to change things for the better or to bring things to a completion... and nothing changes.

All we have left is acceptance. Acceptance of what is beyond our control or attempts of control.

Allow the things you can change and accept the things you can't change.

I'm not suggesting for 1 second that you accept others being unkind, but you can accept for yourself the choice never to be in their company again or to leave an argument mid sentence or to never engage in conversation again with a person/organisation.

When we choose acceptance or allowance we soften our way of being, our way of seeing and how we approach life.

You may do this by being:

~ Slower to anger
~ Not requiring to be 'right'
~ Not having to have the last say
~ By trusting in yourself and your angels, guides and helpers to help you lessen your fear of life.
~ Using more compassion.
~ Seeing others with love.

There are many, many ways to allow and accept and you will know which area of your life that you need to change first.

If you can soften the most challenging area of your life, then other parts will change and soften and this allows more flow.

Maybe you could write down the most challenging parts of your challenge and then look at them one by one and ask yourself:

How can I soften my reaction/response to this challenge?
What could be the first step that I take?

Just quietly go about making your changes regardless of others reactions, comments and even the obstacles that they try to put in your way.

You are choosing for you and making choices to flow with the energy that is available to you and this will allow you to know more of you, who you really are!

Author: Scott Murray

Scott Murray is the founder of Vibe Wellbeing and helps nurture intuitive living for people looking for a way forward in challenging times.

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