Ease With Change and Challenges

Ease With Change and Challenges
Change - possibly one of the most disliked words for humans!

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Why? Because we always think change is for the worse.  What if you could change your perspective and see change as for the better, no matter how it is presenting currently?

When I've come upon situations that are appearing out of my control -
I put 85% of my energy into the solution of how I would like things to work out & ask for this or something better.
10% of my energy dealing with the logistics and legalities.
5% of my energy into celebrating each sniff of the good life or how I wish the situation to resolve.

Can the Keepers talk to us about challenges and how to meet them.

Challenges...... Challenges........Challenges....... this is often how humans see their lives.

And yes, as humans, because of your human limitations, you do perceive that much of your lives can be challenges.

What if you could perceive some of these challenges differently?

What if you could observe differently the next time you have in your life a situation that you would call a challenge?

And we hear you ask......

How could I observe this challenge differently?

This is about your awareness.

Next time you become aware that you are in a situation in your life that you would usually call a challenge....... just STOP, take a few moments to look at the situation.

You may even like to sit with a pen and paper and write down under the heading......

'What am I seeing in this situation that I feel is a challenge?' .......

all the things that you are currently feeling challenged by.

Do not judge them - just keep writing until you can't think of any more. When you have done this, take a break, walk around the garden, go out side and breathe. Breathe deeply into your belly - in and out - in and out.

When you feel a little more settled or clearer in yourself, take up your pen and paper and, on another page, write......

'What can I do about this NOW?' ......

Then simply write down anything that comes to mind that you could do now.

When you have done this, take another page and write down...... 'What else can I do about this?' ......

Write down anything else you feel you can do to make some changes in this situation so that the challenge becomes easier for you.

As you do this, you may feel that you have a better understanding of what is required of you in this situation.

What if nothing is required of you in this situation, except you being you?

If you could be the real you that you are...... if you could be your full self.... how much ease would this give you?

Look again at your list and to the page 'What can I do about this now?' and just do it...... just take these steps. Allow each of these steps to flow until there is no more flow. This is all you are required to do now.

When you have done this, take another look at your list that is headed...
'What else can I do about this?'

Ask yourself - if I was able to do any of these steps now, are these steps still appropriate now?

After you have taken yourself through this process, go and get on with your day...... if you have a choice, choose a task that will occupy your mind.

When you feel that it is appropriate, go back to your list and do the next step. Do not force anything, only do what will flow, what feels appropriate in that moment.

After the challenge of this situation has dissipated, take the time to look back over how you have met this challenge and acknowledge what you have done differently and what worked better for you because of this.

Doing this is the key in you being able to meet your next challenge differently than you have in your past.

Another key here is to acknowledge any human drama that was added to this situation and for you to have an understanding that, if you were to press the delete key on human drama in any life challenge that comes your way, you may be able to see that the perceived challenge need not have had so much emphasis. You may be able to see that, next time, if you are able to take out the human drama, you will be more able to deal with this challenge...... more as a ripple in your life, rather than a huge ocean wave.

The possibilities in this for your expansion are immense.

Next time, take a chance to change your life by having a go at this. When you have done this, acknowledge the EASE that you have brought to your life and take a moment to thank yourself for this EASE.

Understand that you have made a change that will add more peace to you and your world. As well you have increased the possibility of peace for humanity.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
This Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Pamela Murray through Life Whispering.
© Pamela Murray - Life Whispering for www.vibewellbeing.com

** You can listen to the Energy Healing Immersion for this topic complimentary here.

Author: Scott Murray
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