Allowing your subtle guidance system to lead you to your best life.
Are you aware of the subtle, yet crystal clear messages you receive daily...

The gentle nudge to go left instead of right (even though logic says go right), or the knowingness to prepare for clients even though you have no bookings for the day, or the nagging feeling to call that friend you haven't spoken too in weeks, or the guidance to walk into a shop you would never go into normally and you run into an old friend who requires a message from you or you from them?

We all have intuitive abilities. Most people are sleep walking through life in the thinking world, blissfully unaware of the potency of their intuitive capacity.

Often this is because of the subtly of the messages. If you're not attune to listening to these messages, they will get blown over in the busy-ness of life. Blocked by the demands of modern living and our thinking mind.

Is it time to slow down and receive your inner guidance, that will ultimately make your days go smoother?

Are you sick of saying to yourself after the event, 'I should have listened to my intuition'.

The guidance comes from the part of you that is still in spirit form and gives you direction - giving you a hint as to which direction would be for your higher good.
Intuition is knowing - it is when you simply know something inside of you that resonates with your whole being, that can propel you along in your life in the direction that you are choosing. It feels just so you.

The key word here is 'feels'. If you are 'thinking' something, this is your logical mind coming into play, this is not your intuition.

How can you have a greater awareness of your intuitive moments?

Come inside the Vibe Wellbeing Members Hub and discover new ways of exploring intuitive living in your life and ways other members have done that could work for you.
How you can benefit from joining this community:

  • You receive private, one-on-one coaching* with Scott Murray, so you receive customised insights that suit your current situation
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  • You can harness the collective energy of the community to guide you on your way to expanding your vibration and enhancing your wellbeing
What makes this community different to other wellbeing communities?
Unlike other Wellbeing communities, you can be sure there are no trolls, and you don't have to wait weeks to get an answer. Scott really enjoys this community and is active in it daily.

With the constantly evolving energies available to us to upgrade our life, body and wellbeing, Scott attends conferences, events and personal meet ups world wide to share with you what he's learned. He also lives what he shares!

So if you'd like to get personal coaching* to enlighten your life, body and being so that you can have a more joyful body and life, then joining the Vibe Wellbeing community is definitely the best choice you can make today!

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