Living Intuitively

No questions in the heart...No answers in the head.
This quote is one of the greatest gifts one of my early spiritual guides shared with me. It didn't apply to me of course, I was fresh out of uni and armed with a large does of sarcasm & wit, what do you mean I was stuck in my head? 🤔🤷‍♂️😂
For centuries we've celebrated the increasing rule of our intellect in society.
For millennia we've had infinite knowing within us, waiting, softly, gently nudging & guiding us.
I wonder what this will look like as our hearts expand into the new consciousness unfolding on the planet?
More often I find the wisdom of watching and listening far out ways my zest for having the last say as a youngster.
What could it look like for you?
Author: Scott Murray
Scott Murray is the founder of Vibe Wellbeing and helps nurture intuitive living for people looking for a way forward.

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10 Days of Intuitive Living
Join me on this 10 day adventure to increase your capacity for intuitive living, where I guide you to enhance your intuitive capacity (and show you how you may already be using it, but don't know it!)