Living in the Moment ~ Embracing Overwhelm

Living in the Moment
How can we live in the moment and be more aware of the choices we make?

Certainly as you do 'live in the moment' you are more aware of the choices you make.

How do you as humans actually make a choice to live more in the moment, be more aware in each moment so that you can make choices that have more awareness?

You can do this by slowing down your lives.

You slow down your life by excluding all those choices that you make to do 'things' or to be a certain way to please other people.

You will find that when you make choices for what you enjoy, what brings you ease, what brings you peace this is a much more satisfying way for you to live your life.

Living in the moment is you choosing for you about your life.

If you have given some thought to your life and what, why and how it really is, you will have an awareness that you do not always choose as wisely as you could and you often choose what you 'think' that others would like, rather than choose what would bring you JOY.

So, if you were to choose right in this very moment for you, for what you would love to do or be that would bring you joy......What would that be?

There are infinite possibilities of what that could be. The key is would that choice that you are making right now in this moment actually bring you joy?

As you make more choices for you, to do or be what is your expression of joy, you will find that your awareness of you and your life changes.

It becomes easier then to make the next choice for joy as you have had the experience of making your first choice for joy and the residue of that joy is still with you as you make your 2nd and 3rd choices.

This is what living in the moment is about, it is about you making choices for you, for what would bring you joy.

You may find that others may like or not like your choices - remember that, that is of no concern to you.

As you choose joy once, twice, three times and so on for the rest of this lifetime, you will find that your life will change. You will find that others seem different to you and this is perfectly OK. As you are making different choices, you are changing you and therefore you are changing you perception of others.

This way of being can allow you more patience, more tolerance and more allowance, both for yourself and for others in your life.

This is how you can change your world.

Change your world by being present when you are making choices for your life and making those choices that bring you JOY.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
This Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Pamela Murray through Life Whispering.   

Embracing Overwhelm

We experience overwhelm generally because we are either getting bombarded with too much information or we are faced with a choice and don't have enough information.

If you are receiving too much information - stop what you're doing, go lie on the grass for 10 mins, focus on deepening your breath and creating space in your world.

Put all of the things vying for your attention into individual boxes in your mind - maybe even write them down on separate pieces of paper.

List all of the things you may need to action.

Start with what is going to give you the most ease - complete this first. Sometimes 80% is good enough!

Is there someone else who can help you get through your action list?

Does it all need to be completed today?

What would be fun to do? Do this next.

Then... What will bring you the money quickest - if its for your business!

If you have a choice to make & don't have all the information you require. Ask you intuitive guidance to bring you the information.  Maybe there's a person you need to call, maybe you go for a drive and see the same sign 3 times, maybe it comes to you in a dream - endless options if we surrender to the possibilities.

This will bring you to living in the moment, instead of your head!

** There is an Energy Healing Immersion on this topic within the members portal.
Author: Scott Murray

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