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Keepers, how can we understand our Vulnerability and use this to serve us in our daily lives?

Vulnerability is a feeling that you as humans will become more acquainted with.

In your daily lives you often cover up your vulnerability as this often shows your innermost feelings.

Up until this timing, humans have not understood the value to themselves of being able to show their vulnerability, which gives the human the potential to access a deeper part of their own divine path.

When we say deeper, what we mean is that you will be able to take yourself into higher vibrations that then allow you to feel more of who you really are.

Vulnerability is covered up in many ways by humans being human. This cover up can come in the form of anger, depression, unworthiness, low self esteem, being pathetic, stubborn or silent when communication could help your situation.

There are many more ways to cover up your vulnerability than we have listed here..... If you ask yourself, you will know how you 'cover up'.

You allowing you to be vulnerable in any situation then allows others to be vulnerable. When you do this, this can often help to resolve an issue between you and others. It allows you to honor yourself and your divinity, which then gives others this opportunity as well.

What is vulnerability?

Vulnerability occurs in those moments when you open your innermost self up and allow this to be seen and felt by others.

It often happens spontaneously when you are in a situation that you really care about and this situation is one that requires some resolution or even acceptance from you.

The feeling of vulnerability will come and at that very second, you have the opportunity to honor yourself and allow the feeling through or to squash the feeling and cover up.

What do you have to fear in allowing vulnerability through?

We say to you that there is nothing, nothing to fear.

In these moments and it is often only moments of your life, if you allow your vulnerability to show to others, you are then able to move to a deeper understanding of your divine nature..... you allow you more understanding of you.

It may be that, next time you have the opportunity for this and you allow the vulnerability through, you will feel a shift in you - you may describe it in human terms as a 'weight off your shoulders'.

Too often humans do not allow their vulnerability through because they are humanly concerned with 'what others will think'.

It is now time for you to leave this old paradigm behind. This old paradigm slows your spiritual awareness and no longer serves you.

You may notice that it will become harder and harder for you to squash your vulnerability as the new energies on this planet are not conducive to this.

We say to you, relax with your vulnerability, allow it to show and feel the lightness that this allows your being.

As you do this once, it will become easier and easier for you to do as each time you do this, you are in a closer connection with your divine self.

Today would be a good day to start and know that we are always with you.

Given in Love

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Pamela Murray through Life Whispering.

Author: Scott Murray
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