10 Days of Intuitive Living
Thank you for joining me!
I look forward to sharing with you over the next 10 days, ways to enhance your intuitive living.
Your first email will be on its way as we speak.  

While you wait, is there any other areas of your life you could use some guidance in?
Where would you like more balance in your life?
I can assist you in these areas, and many more, to move through stuck points and create more ease and balance...
I'm not sure where I need help...but my life isn't working!
Please Help Me Scott
Client Love, Who better to hear it from...

Hi Scott,
Taf here. I saw you in early March for a massage/energy healing and had a really powerful release and was able to clear a lot of baggage!

Since seeing you I've been able to get really clear on my path and have made some truly positive steps towards my dreams. I feel the massage and energy work was a really important step in my new journey. I wanted to thank you for offering such a safe space for me to be honest and to heal. Stay well.

Taf x

"I loved this experience. Another very relaxing session and I felt so expansive and felt self love and Universal Love flowing through me. I felt so expanded out through the whole session.

I usually am not able to stay in the moment of silence as long as this, except with my sound healing and Reiki. This is so nice. Love to have another way that allows me to connect with the silence to work with Universal Love of Source...

Both the sessions were very strong and profound for me. I loved the session on kindness earlier in the week. They have allowed me to bring in sound meditations on connecting with community and Universal love. Thank you!?"

Sandhya Sound Healing Alchemist

"...Scott has an awesome and genuine gift to help people heal their bodies physically and emotionally. He is a generous, kind, considerate and humble person whose intuitive gifts see him quickly and genuinely connect and engage with others."

George Peever
Buderim, Australia
"I have just been working with the 'Need for Approval Release' video/energy immersion. This has been an extraordinarily deep experience and so helpful. Thank you for sharing this." 

 With love and light,
Lumiel C-T
Worcestershire UK

"Thank you for this opportunity to be able to share with you the amazing experiences I've had through Scott Murray's work. I've been very blessed that he has shared for free into our community some distant energetic healing sessions...

As a result of what he's been sharing, it's really been activating a lot of different things for me which is really helping me in my own personal growth.

Firstly, I've been finding that as I go to sleep, I like to have it just before I go to sleep. I'm having lots of dreams, I'm seeing codes and sacred geometry. So if you're a person who is really wanting to maybe activate your psychic gifts and abilities, to really tune in with your own guidance, and be able to access other realms and dimensions of experience, that has certainly been happening after I received Scott's beautiful sessions.

The other thing is also the heart connection I can feel in it. He did a heart healing one and really helped me to move through, be very present with and just feel this loving support for whatever it is I'm going through personally. It's like having someone right there in the room with you just holding space or giving you a hug or just being present for whatever is shifting or moving through you.

So even though it's at a distance... I've still been able to receive the full benefit and experiences that he has been delivering through his sessions.

So do yourself a favour and open up to having the experience for yourself and I know that he will be able to work more specifically with you to be able to shift through, support you with whatever trauma's you may be dealing with or any fears, anxiety, overwhelm etc

So thank you Scott, it's been a great privilege and pleasure to receive your beautiful healings.
Thank You!"

Michelle Lewis
Evolving Energetics
Perth, Australia