My Private Clients Receive Intuitive Guidance and Ways to Move Forward From Any Situation...
Over 25+ years, I've coached and encouraged hundreds of beautiful people who were looking for a way forward.

Now I can help you develop your intuitive capacities and live a life filled with ease.
You receive:
  • Private, daily access to a vibrational wellbeing coach with 25+ years experience in creating ease in any situation.
  • Monthly Energy Healing Immersions to help heal your body & life
  • Access to over 100 Channels from the Akashic Records to help gift you clarity on a vast array of topics (from 'Pain in Your Body' to 'Vulnerability' to '5th Dimensional Energy')
  • A series of 35+ 'I am' affirmations on printable images to help you change your belief systems
  • 30+ inspiring quotes on printable images to help you focus and change the energy of any situation
  • My secret 'Self-Love' activity that will change your life forever!
  • Access to an archive of past Energy Healing Immersions
  • Are you willing to change and receive guidance from another, it's kind of a prerequisite to wellbeing...
Scott Murray ~
Your Vibrational Wellbeing Coach
Energy Healing Immersions - on a variety of topics - One of the all time favourites: the Narcisist and the Empath - Watch now for free!
Akashic readings from the akashic records, give us insight beyond what is available using our intuition. Members have access to the full channel.
'I am' affirmations, used daily, are a beautiful reminder of our magnificence and strongly supported by the new energies on the planet.
Inspiring quotes and beautiful images... things I use to pull myself out of a jam or to feel the energy of what's possible for the future.
Is it just me or does everybody feel that life is one big experiment in self love?
"Enjoy more time in nature to heal"
Louise called me the other day.

Her daughter is an empath and is really struggling with taking onboard other family members issues.

To the point that Louise felt she was then projecting them onto her, and it was really starting to get her down.

After a short discussion, we uncovered that this was a fairly recent issue, and had only really got out of hand since they had moved towns.

Understandably, moving your life to a new town where you know nobody can create many issues, as well as many opportunities!

We also discovered that Louise used to take her daughter bush walking a lot in their home town.  Since moving, this therapeutic escape stopped.

Louise expressed her fear of going bush walking in a new place and 'not feeling safe'.  Working through that and realising the change in behaviour had created this situation for them both, she agreed to take her daughter out in nature more often.

Not surprisingly, once they started bushwalking again, her daughter stopped taking on everybody else's issues and became more balanced & harmonious again.

Can you see yourself in Louise's story? Or something similar?

You know that you know, but you've just forgotten.

If you "can't see the wood from the trees" you need two things...

Insight and Clarity.

Insight that often only an outsider can gift you.  

Clarity so you know how to move through the situation with ease.

Louise is now happily moving forward.  I'd love to invite you to move forward with ease today as well.

Many others have had a similar experience with the insight and clarity I offer, when they use it!

If you're willing to put your hand up and ask for insight and clarity, it will stop:
  • You going around in circles in your head
  • You reacting out of fear
  • Confusion and self doubt
Instead, you'll enjoy:
  • The ability to trust your intuition, again!
  • A clear path forward
  • A life with more balance and ease...
If you 'can't see the wood for the trees', I suggest you get yourself out in nature asap!  The deeper into wilderness you go, the better for your 'being' it will be.

Nature is sooooo healing and soothing, no matter what is going on in your life or body!

You Are Only A Few Hours Away From
Your Next Personal Breakthrough...
For the last 25+ years I've helped people from all walks of life move through fear into love and live a more vibrant life with more ease in their bodies.

I call it Nurturing Intuitive Living.

I have over 37 years of experience nurturing my own intuitive living.  And I've had various adventures that make me uniquely qualified to coach a wide variety of beautiful people.

For example, I:

  • Used affirmations at age 10 to achieve 100% in my maths tests (and got bullied for it...)
  • Attended my first personal development course at 12yrs old (I didn't tell any of my friends...ya weirdo!)
  • Successfully grew Multi-million dollar retail stores, fresh out of Uni (At one point I had over 100 staff and 18 managers working for me, no wonder I have no hair... stress!)
  • Was the most awarded manager for gross profit in the country for 5 yrs running (Imagine being kind to staff and what that creates...)
  • Was a stay at home Dad with my 2 gorgeous children (now journeying through their teenage years!)
  • Built 2 businesses from scratch to stop me going insane with the kids...
  • Have travelled the world and attended courses in/at ~ Kahuna/lomi lomi Massage with Mette's Institute, Chiron healing, Reiki, Inner Energy Centre, The Relaxation Centre, Akashic Readings, Pineal Tones with Dr Todd Ovokaitys, Kryon channelling with Lee Carroll, Private Sessions with Kahuna Kalei'iliahi...
  • Have a Mid Century and Vintage Cane furniture obsession that has really honed my intuitive capacity (more about that later...)
  • Have manifested my dream car, twice - One I received as a gift, the other I purchased at 1/2 market value (all from putting my focused attention on knowing every detail about what I desired in a car & expecting it to show up with ease!)
My friends call me 'Mr Adventure', partly because I love adventures into the wild, and partly because no matter what is going on in my life, I look at it like it's an exciting adventure (even when your car gets written off from a hail storm!)

Every cloud has a silver lining is so true!

If you're lacking adventure in your life or you can't see the silver lining, only storm clouds, the best thing you could do is join me inside the Vibe Wellbeing Community so I can show you how to expand your Vibe and enhance your Wellbeing.

There are two ways you can join Vibe Wellbeing.

The first is the "Nourish" package.  With this you get access to everything mentioned above except no one-on-one coaching thread with me.

So you get all the monthly energy immersions, the 100+ Akashic Record channels, the 35+ 'I am' affirmations, the 30+ inspiring printable quotes and my secret 'Self-Love' activity that will change your life forever!

But you won't have a private, direct line to me.

However, you WILL have a private, direct line to me if you join the "Nurture" package.

This gives you everything you saw on this page (not my car or kids though!), INCLUDING  a one-on-one coaching thread with me.

I generally reply to all coaching questions within a day or two.  So you can expect help fast. (Unless I'm in the wilderness with no reception!)
*This is not an endless, on call 'help I have an emergency' offering... I can generally find a way forward for you if you provide me with 3 questions - any more than this and I suggest we hook up for a one on one session, so you can have my undivided attention. (This offer is also subject to change.)

Both Nurture and Nourish packages come as a monthly option or you can gain a month for free by paying annually.
The Nourish option also has a 'pay what you can afford' payment scale: $11 or $33 per month and $121 or $363 per year. Please choose the correct button for you!

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Common Questions
How will I know if your membership is for me?
It's a feeling you will have.  If anything on this website excites, intrigues or exhilarates you, maybe it is! There is only 1 way to find out.
What if I don't want to share my personal life on the forum?
You don't have too.  You get to choose to share/participate as much as you wish. The Nurture package allows you direct private text access to me.  Or you can book a personal session. Many people wish to do there personal growth... well... privately!
Will I get instant access to everything?
Yes, everybody is starting at different places, so I wish to give you instant access so you can start where you are guided too.
Does that mean I can download everything and cancel my membership?
If you have to ask, this members portal is not for you! Taking the time, doing the inner work and engaging with others is where the real growth will occur.
Have a question before you join? Get in touch here.