A beautiful space to alter your consciousness.
I don't meditate...

Well not in the well known sense of the word. Let me explain, so I don't sound like a hypocrite.

If you've read the page on movement, you'll know I love to move my body in many different ways, daily. And I also like to be still and give myself energy healing. But I never sit and meditate to achieve altered states of consciousness.

I am more of a moving meditation kind of guy. Think yoga, running/walking through a national park, losing myself in a photographic exploration of the botanical gardens or mountain biking through old growth forest. All of these activities gift me the space I require to alter my state of consciousness.

If I can't access any of these, I place my hands on my body and gift myself energy healing. Stillness. Peace. Centred. Calm.
Different adventures, similar outcome.

So if you've tried sitting cross legged under a pyramid for hours or every available meditation app or deep breathing in Shavasana and having no luck, I may have the answer for your meditation targets.

Come inside the Vibe Wellbeing Members Hub and discover new ways of exploring self~love in your life and ways other members have done that could work for you.
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What makes this community different to other wellbeing communities?
Unlike other Wellbeing communities, you can be sure there are no trolls, and you don't have to wait weeks to get an answer. Scott really enjoys this community and is active in it daily.

With the constantly evolving energies available to us to upgrade our life, body and wellbeing, Scott attends conferences, events and personal meet ups world wide to share with you what he's learned. He also lives what he shares!

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