What is your body asking for today?
Our Bodies are Designed to Move...

Contrary to current media expectations, our bodies are not designed to be placed on a couch, feed snack food while being mesmerised by the idiot box. While everything in moderation is great advice, what if you could choose something far greater for your body?

I'm not saying you have to go out and be an ultra-marathon runner tomorrow, but what if you could find some sort of movement/exercise/activity that you and your body found joyful, that you could do each week that would allow you to have an even greater experience of living.

I love Yoga. I am so grateful my local studio has a variety of classes from power flow to yin at times that fit my availability. I love the bending, the stretching, the twisting, the teachers insight, the sweating, the teachers humour, the community of like minded yogis, the one hour I devote to me every second day, the shavasana (rest at the end of the session for the non yogis!), the complete rest in poses to allow the fascia and connective tissues to totally relax and the freedom each person expresses as they work with where their body is at that day.

You may have guessed it, I also love SUPing and thankfully I live in a beautiful part of the world that allows me to do this in the crystal clear ocean or river. I also love mountain biking through old growth forests, trial running through national parks, floating in pristine salty ocean water, and climbing local mountains (well hills really compared to the rest of the world!!)

I am also fortunate enough to be a kahuna massage therapist, so I get paid to work out every day! For those of you who've receive a kahuna massage you will know what I mean.

You may have guessed also, I love to move my body... daily... and in as many different ways possible.

How do you move your body? What excites you when it comes to movement, activity or exercise?

Sourcing wild berries and seeds may not be your thing...
Discovering nourishing foods, beverages, oils & creams and an abundance of pure water for your body will hopefully be high on your list of daily priorities!

How many unconscious/habitual choices do you make daily with regards to nourishing your beautiful body?

We are conditioned to 'fast food' because life is so busy and we need to wash it down with a few glasses of wine to make everything shining and blissful again.

How long do you feel this will be sustainable for your body? I worked managing a fast food chain for 4 years (with free food! UGH!) in what seems like another life ago and I consumed two meals a day of this rubbish... until I couldn't! I was constantly tired and my flatmates would often comment how white I looked ie. no life force!

Now I eat far less, but look for nutrient dense foods, vegetables and fruits with the occasional bit of meat included. People often assume because of the work I do and the courses I go to that I would be vego or vegan, and I tell them I am, on the days I don't eat meat! Depends on your point of view really ;)

While I am no nutritionist or foodie, I know intimately what foods my body loves, what foods my taste buds love (they not often similar) and if things don't feel just right, what foods my body requires to help it balance again.

Are you willing to listen intimately to your body every time you eat?

When you look at food as a source of nourishment, not a hunger stopper, your food choices will change.

When you see your body as the amazing 'machine' that it is, you'll stop counting calories, dieting and starving it to death from a nourishment point of view. What if your body only wanted to eat bananas and watermelon for a week, would you do it?

When you realise you probably need only half of the food that you consume to maintain wellbeing, just better quality food, your body and all of its organs will change accordingly.

Speaking of change, many conditions in the body are created due to dehydration. If you're not drinking 1ltr of water per 25 kgs of body weight per day, you could be leaving yourself open to chronic dehydration related symptoms ie. head aches, achy muscles, dry skin that can lead to more challenging wellbeing conditions.
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