Our inner relationship is reflected in all of our external relationships...
If you don't go within, you'll go without...

Often when we talk about relationships, we talk about our significant other, or our family or work colleagues, forgetting that the only constant relationship is the one we have with ourselves.

All other relationships are transitory. No relationship is designed to last forever (even the relationship you have with your body changes once we transition).

Whether you're celebrating getting into a relationship with another, changing how a current relationship with another looks or transitioning from a relationship with another, always maintain your sense of self and honour what's best for you in all situations. Always make it a celebration, no matter which stage you're in!

If you'd like your outer relationships to be different, go within.  Explore the relationship you have with yourself first and see what you can change there.

When relationships change from how we expected them to be, this is often the point where we come unstuck. Sometimes it can be a catalyst for massive growth, if you choose that. Or a door way to disaster, if you choose that.

What if gently exploring your relationship with yourself, was a catalyst for creating more ease in all of your external relationships?

Come inside the Vibe Wellbeing Members Hub and discover new ways of exploring relationships in your life and ways other members have done that could work for you.
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