Feeling Inner Peace

Feeling Peace
Keepers, please talk to us about Feeling Peace.

Ahhhhh...... Feeling peace.....

Just how do you as humans feel peace you ask?

Peace is often spoken about in your lives, you are often 'hoping' that you and others may find a peaceful solution to whatever current issues/problems/conflicts you have.

Our message to you is for you to remember that peace begins with you.
It is your choices that can bring peace to you.

This may mean for you that you:
• Do not finish a sentence because what you were going to say doesn't engender peace.
• That you allow others to have their say about a topic and whether or not you agree..... you say nothing. You may say nothing because you agree but understand that adding to this conversation, continuing this conversation will not be engendering peace.
• This can also be applied to actions, thoughts, written,spoken or electronic conversations.

What is peace to you?

Peace can be many concepts to different people.

In some countries and cultures some humans are asking that they can co-operate with each other to bring peace.

Some of you have relationships that would be very different if you were able to feel peace in these relationships.

Peace begins with you in every moment of everyday..... no matter what is happening in your outside circumstances.

Peace is that feeling in your heart centre that you know that 'all is well' in this moment and that this moment is all that you have to live in.... then you are choosing peace for just this moment throughout your day.

Being a human you will of course need to remind yourself of your choosing..... often.

When you are able to do this, you will so love the feeling that you allow in your heart centre.....

Peace is love for yourself.
Peace is simplicity.
Peace is compassion.

When you are able to master these attributes for yourself, then you are able to contribute peace to your world and then this affects the wider world around you.

Remind yourself often..... 'Let peace begin with me.'

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
This Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Pamela Murray through Life Whispering.

© Pamela Murray - Life Whispering for www.vibewellbeing.com
Author: Scott Murray
Scott Murray is the founder of Vibe Wellbeing and helps nurture intuitive living for people looking for a way forward.

You can find out more about Scott Murray here: http://www.vibewellbeing.com/about
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