Cellular Healing

Healing and the Akashic Records
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Keepers, are the Akashic Records able to help us heal ourselves, both emotionally and physically?

Yes, on both accounts.

The way the records are able to help humans heal is that they allow the space for understanding.

When there is a physical aspect of the body that is not in coherence with the rest of the body and the records are asked about this, then the understanding that comes through the mind as well as the healing energy that comes from being in your own records helps you to heal.

The human mind often has placed itself into a particular position in regards to what is physically not working in the body and whether or not the individual human is willing to give up the emotional aspects of releasing the particular issue determines whether healing is able to occur.

What can happen is that even though the human thinks that they are ready to release all that is required to heal, there can be some underlying emotional concepts that the human is choosing to keep, to not release.

These concepts can be from this lifetime as well as from other lifetimes.

Change is the key here and other humans say that they are choosing change but, because the physical symptoms and the emotional attention that they receive are such, they make a choice to stay with this 'comfortableness' of being physically uncomfortable, so that they do not have to address their fear of change.

And that is all that this part of the unwillingness to change is..... It is fear.
There are situations where this fear is anchored into a previous lifetime. Because of the circumstances of this particular lifetime and the symptoms or part of the physical symptoms are the underlying emotional overlay this causes a particular physical effect in this current lifetime.

This is when your karma has come into play as a choice to work through this situation.

The choice that you have now to start to change the situation is to make a choice as to whether or not you choose to choose karma.

If you were to choose karma then you will take yourself through the belief systems that you currently have.

If you were to question karma, to question if it is appropriate for you to experience karma in your current situation in this lifetime and also ask is karma still appropriate for you in the shift that is taking place now on your planet, then you may decide to release the karma in the situation.

Sit quietly and ask these questions of yourself. Go with your first intuitive thought after you ask each question.

If you are making a choice to stay in karma then you will take yourself through some of the traditional and alternative healing processes until you have a deep willingness within yourself to make some changes.

If you make a choice that allows you to release karma, then you will find that you are often easily led to an appropriate healing modality for both your emotional and your physical wellbeing.

With this we are not saying to expect miracles. We are saying to you that you will make the best choice for you in the healing modality that you choose, so that you are able to heal more quickly and to heal fully.

You may not even need to have the full treatment that is available to you because you are moving into a space to be healed that allows you more coherence and a deeper resonance with your cells.

Ah ! Yes, your cells !

Is this what you would like?

Have you considered talking to your cells or asking your cells what would they like you to do or be so that they can be healed?

Now would be a very good time to start this conversation. Cell conversation may be a new experience for most of you.

How do you do it?

Well you will have your own way...... we suggest that you could have a conversation that goes something like this.....

'Dear Cells

I am asking for optimum health for all of my cells and I am also asking that you work and divide in the manner that you were designed to do.

I am asking for health and balance in both my physical and emotional bodies.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.'

Every time that you think of or talk about your physical condition..... ask your cells.

Do this as many times in a day that your mind travels to a place where you are observing that you are not happy with your physical or emotional state.

Say it with feeling, even if you have to do it silently so that others around you do not have to know what you are doing or have any input about what you are doing.

This is between you and your cells.

If you are to choose to do this, you may be surprised at how in a short time you start to feel differently.

This resonance with your cells and the changing energies that you live in now on this planet, will allow you to be in a different space than what you have ever been in before.

A good time to begin this is when you are in a quiet place and have gone into yourself as a way of you getting to know you more.

Ask us....

Keepers, can you help me to venture into my Akashic Records so that I will be more open to what is available to me through you.

We are always with you and it is time now for you to connect with us by asking us for help for those aspects of your life that you feel are blocking you from moving forward.... from a deeper connection with us.

Make a choice, have a go at approaching your health and your body differently.

You may be surprised.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
This Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Pamela Murray through Life Whispering.

** You can listen to the Energy Healing Immersion for this topic complimentary here.

Author: Scott Murray
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