Cellular Healing Series : Spinal Column

Ease in Your Spine ~ Energy Healing Immersion
Backs are the most pain filled part of your human bodies, most pain in bodies is experienced in your backs.

Your back and having a healthy spine that allows you freedom and ease of movement for your body is again about your concerns, your way of seeing your life.

It is about being able to stand in your own power of who you are in particular areas of your life.

Your lower back often is in pain when your thinking is about lack, when you think about lack of money.

Pain in the middle back is about you keeping yourself on the pathway of your life that you have chosen. If you have a contentment and find JOY in your life's pathway then there is no pain in your middle back.

Your upper back is about you sensing that all is OK with you. You can hold your body with your shoulders square which opens up your chest and allows you to breathe with ease. It helps to hold your head in a comfortable position; it is you being in your sense of the real you that is you.

This affirmation (used regularly) will help enhance your natural healing capacity... 

Dear cellular structure,
I wish to have the attributes that I have earned in what I call my past that will enhance the ability for me to live my current life with more ease and grace. I wish to recall those things that will allow me to live longer, do my work better, and give me peace over the things I desire to do. I wish to mine the Akash for this, which is in my personal DNA.

Thank you,Thank you, Thank you.

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Author: Scott Murray

Scott Murray is the founder of Vibe Wellbeing and helps nurture intuitive living for people looking for a way forward.

You can find out more about Scott Murray here: http://www.vibewellbeing.com/about

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