Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

Raising Your Vibrational Frequency
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The higher energy that you will feel at times will be that you are vibrating at a higher frequency and be more in tune with the vibrational frequencies of this time on planet earth.

You will enjoy this if you are to relax into it...... allow yourself to actually feel this.

When you become aware in yourself that your vibrational frequency has increased and you are feeling lighter, calmer, more joyful or you may just feel more ease, you will then know that this is a time for you to simply acknowledge and relax into the feeling.

When you do this, much will flow for you - it will just seem easy.

Projects and relationships that you are feeling challenged by will just seem to be sooooo much easier for you.

Become used to this as this is how you continue to raise your vibration..... You become aware of these times and flow with them and then they will come more frequently to you.

This is not a time to be interested in or concerned with whether anyone else is feeling like you.

If you are to take your focus off your 'good' feelings then you are opening up space to allow others vibrations to affect your vibration.

All you are required to do with this is to enjoy it for yourself.

You may feel like you are in a love bubble, so if you do feel this way, stay with it as long as you can. It will feel like you are on a vacation from your life.

At other times as the energy moves through varying stages you will become more aware of your 'love bubble' times.

The varying energy will often feel like the wind to you. Sometimes so windy that you will feel like you are walking down a street and you are being tossed and turned about and with this will come an unsureness of your direction.

Other times it will feel windy yet you know that you are going in a particular direction and you are able to feel more stable with this energy.

There will be other times where the wind will feel like a gentle summers breeze that caresses you as you move through your days. It will feel refreshing and you may hold your face up to it to enjoy it's gentle caressing and it's love.

It is for you to have an awareness of how these energies are in your life and use that awareness to adjust and balance your moments in your day.

As your awareness becomes more acute, you are then able to observe what is happening and allow yourself balance at the same time.

This may mean that you need to be aware of the thoughts, the words, the actions/reactions that you use and how you use them.

It is not about self judgement of these or being right or wrong..... It is just an observation of your thoughts, words, actions/reactions and how you could chose differently next time.

If you are to use the metaphor of the wind, you may find that it will be easier for you to observe yourself and not judge yourself.

Ask yourself..... 'How am I observing the wind just now?'

Our love will be with you to help you with this.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
This Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Pamela Murray through Life Whispering.

** You can listen to the Energy Healing Immersion for this topic complimentary here.

Author: Scott Murray
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