Can you look into your own eyes and say 'I love You'?
Mmmm take a deep breathe into your belly...
When we breath deeply and bring ourselves acutely present within our bodies, out of our heads, we have expanded our ability to experience self~love.

How long has it been since you sat quietly with yourself, gazed into a mirror, looked deeply into your own eyes and said, 'I love you'?

Give it a go now if you dare. I'll wait here...

Ah, you're back. Cool!

How many milliseconds did it take for your judgements to rise? Next time you do this, (soon I hope!) breath deeply before you start, look only into your eyes (not the rest of your body that you can't wait to change...), soften your gaze and then say 'I love you'. Did you notice a difference?

The degree of love we experience in our day to day living is a direct reflection of the degree of self-love we have.
How can anybody else love you if you're not willing to love yourself first?

Is it time for you to deepen your relationship with yourself, and truly love yourself for the amazing being you are? Not the person that others think you are, nor the image you portray of yourself to yourself and others. The brilliant, quirky, creative, nurturing, energetic, caring, compassionate being who came here for a reason and a deeper purpose.

Will expanding your self~love allow you to more fully enjoy your life and allow you to fully express your purpose for being here?

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