Exploring Intimacy as a Way of Creating Ease in Your Body

Many of us think of intimacy as getting all sexy with your partner or yourself or many partners... whatever floats your boat.

When it is actually about 'In To Me See'. You looking deeply within yourself and exploring yourself.

This can be physical, I quite often massage different parts of my body, seeing what it feels like to press in there or get under those muscles or I twist and contort my body into various pretzel shapes as a way of exploring my body.

Or it can be an energetic/heart felt exploration. As you question, how do I feel about this or that? How does my body respond when you explore this or that about myself?

Sometimes is advantageous to journal about exploring your intimacy with your body and your being to see what changes over time.

As you spend 24/7 with you, I find it incredibly valuable to create the space for yourself to explore yourself intimately - only you can know you on this level. The deeper you know yourself, the more ease you will create in your body.

Here are some of the things I do to explore intimacy in my body & being...

* enjoying time alone - lay on the couch and daydream or sitting in nature or wondering slowing through the wilderness
* eating slowly & consciously so you're aware of how your body feels with each piece of food going into it
* feeling comfortable with looking at yourself naked in the mirror - all of you, even the bits you can't see! Use a hand held mirror if you'd like... How do behind your ears look?

There is an Energy Healing Immersion within the members portal if you're interested in exploring more on this topic.

Author: Scott Murray
Scott Murray is the founder of Vibe Wellbeing and helps nurture intuitive living for people looking for a way forward.

You can find out more about Scott Murray here: http://www.vibewellbeing.com/about
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