Joy of Being Different

The Joy of Being Different
Akashic Record Keepers, what can you tell us about the Joy of Being Different?

You are all different and you know and understand this. So with a smile, we say to you..... Why do you then try to be the same?

As you are putting your efforts into being the same as each other, a conflict arises within you about how different you really are.

Then the question arises within yourself..... 'How can I conceal my differences as I do not feel that I can operate in this life being different?'

So you go about your life and, often from an early age, hiding your differences. If you are to look back on your life, we would ask you to have a clear look at how this has worked for you.

When you were a young person, you started to notice that you had different thoughts and saw life differently to those around you.

Some, although not many of you, had adults or family that allowed you to be different, allowed you to express yourself regardless of others rules.

Many of you when you actually followed your internal compass and expressed how you were by you feeling your thoughts, your words and your actions were asked in some way to suppress this.

You were not allowed the joy of your expression.

This happened and happened differently for all of you and some of the reasons for the suppression came from family rules, societal rules, religious rules and from other influences that shaped your life.

As you grew to conform to these 'rules' you forgot the JOY OF YOU..... the joy to feel your difference, revel in your difference and your expression of this difference.

What is this 'JOY OF DIFFERENCE' for you?

The joy of difference for you, you may find is the expression of many
smaller parts of you that go to making up your difference.

If you choose to look for this difference in yourself now.....

Watch yourself, have an awareness of yourself in how you like to express yourself, especially when you are by yourself or with friends and family that you feel very comfortable with.

A difference for you could be that you may find humour in situations that others take seriously and you have suppressed your expression of this.

Now is the time to take this out of your closet.

Next time you are in this situation, you may simply smile or laugh - feel the freedom in doing this. Do not be concerned about what others may think.

You may or may not feel inclined to explain yourself and understand that there is a difference between explaining yourself and justifying yourself.

When you justify yourself, you are apologising for being you, you are again conforming to others ideals or your perception of others ideals.

If you would enJOY explaining your smiles, your laughter, the humour that you find in this particular situation, then you are allowing others to see it differently, if they choose.

You are allowing them to feel their differences and as you do this, you come more fully into who you are and you allow them to come more fully into who they are.

You give permission for you both to change - you allow a gift in this situation.

The question is:
CAN you be the gift in this situation?
Can you step out of your self and allow you to express your JOY OF BEING DIFFERENT? The energies on this planet now have opened up to allow you to take this path if you choose.

Take some quiet time and write down the ways that you can think of that you have suppressed the joy of you, suppressed the difference that you are.

Each change you make will allow others to give themselves permission to express themselves, to express the joy in their differences. Now is a perfect time for you to do this.... to skip, dance, walk and run to the music that you know is you.

Feel your differences, be excited and enthusiastic about them, open up your expression to allow your gifts to be seen, felt and enJOYed by you and others.

You are different..... ENJOY YOUR DIFFERENCES !

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
This Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Pamela Murray through Life Whispering.
© Pamela Murray - Life Whispering for

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