Self Love

Self Love - Can you give us some understanding on Loving Ourselves?
Self love is the central requirement for you each to be able to enjoy joy and peace.

When you are able to feel the love that you have for yourself, then you are able to add to the love and the joy and the peace on your planet.

Human beings have been living their lives for many of their lifetimes wondering what this is all about, wondering who they are and why they are on this planet.

As each individual honours themselves by allowing themselves to love themselves, then this planet is changing.

It is so beautiful for us to see these changes as you feel that 'being' that you really are, as much as is possible as a human being.

This is the time for the divine feminine on this planet and the divine feminine nurtures self love. So for each of you the invitation is here currently for you to go inside and feel yourself, feel who you really are.

As you allow your self love to emerge, then you are inviting others who you are connected with - which is all of humanity - to allow themselves to find their love for themselves.

When we use the word 'find', this may give you the concept that your self love is lost and many on the planet at this time would think this is so for them.

In 'finding' your self love, you may take yourself on a journey without destination inside yourself as you soften your perception of self.

As you journey inside yourself, you will come to see the softness, the love, the sense of your spiritual being that shows you what self love is and how you perceive it.

On your journey you will come to a place that gives you understanding that you nurturing you is the key to you being able to connect with the self love you have.

Of course you were never disconnected.

You, just for a while in your physical existence on this planet, have forgotten the wonder of you, the magnificence of you and the joy of you. As you journey into love of yourself, you are re-remembering some of which is available to you when you are in spirit.

You come into a body, you forget this love of self, although this is changing.

The next time you come into a body, you will be able to remember more of your essence, your spiritual essence and also you will remember some of what you have felt in this life time about you.

Self love is your allowance of you. It is when you allow the judgements you have of you to simply dissipate as they are no longer serving you - how you are now in this space and time.

You may have judgements about:
- your body and how it works or does not work
- about what you 'think' that others 'think' about you
- about your perceived 'achievements' or non achievements of this
- there are many more avenues of self judgement that humans have that are no longer appropriate for them to apply to themselves.

If you were to choose to build on your self love, you may like to do this exercise where you take your note book and write down headings of Self love and Judgements and simply write down all the judgements you have about you and then on the self love page, you write down all your capacities and attributes that allow you to love yourself.

We wonder, [with humour] which will be the longest? ? ?

Then take your page of judgements and burn it if you like, because that is all they are - just ideas in your mind, just perceptions that you have about you, of you.

In your spiritual essence, the real essence of you, they hold no weight, they do not count.

Take your focus off these and then keep your focus on what you have written on your self love page.

Each time you are in judgement of yourself - STOP - refocus on your self love.

This may not feel so easy to start with. Although as you progress with this, you may become 'addicted' to focusing on your self love and the higher vibration that this brings to your life.

Each time you change a judgement, a justification of yourself into self love, you are changing the vibration of love on your planet. You are giving yourself the essence of peace - feel this - and you are contributing to the peace of your planet.
Enjoy this re-rememberance of who you really are.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
This Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Pamela Murray through Life Whispering.
© Pamela Murray - Life Whispering for

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